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Customizable training programs for leaders and teams. 

“There’s never been a more important time to build trust and chart a new path forward.”

Start Building Influence Today

Focus on developing skills to establish trust, deepen relationships and communicate with intention. 

Learn how to increase buy-in, drive engagement and ensure your ideas are heard.

Our Core Courses


Build Influence | Build Rapport

Discover your personal influence style, build trust with colleagues and handle pushback to boost buy-in.


Pitching | Presenting | Storytelling

Hook your audience, amplify your message and get your ideas the commitment they deserve.


Culture Creation | Meeting Management

Create the conditions to energize your team, build a purpose-led culture and focus on a shared goal.

Create a Custom Program

Create a customizable program that’s collaborative and involves visible thinking and practical problem solving unique to the needs of your organization.

Inside the Influence Lab

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