Building Influence With(out) Authority – Lv1

Influence means creating the conditions to get important things done. Let’s build your influence with the people and on the projects that matter the most in your career.

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Who This Is For

You know how critically important relationships are to your career, but how should you build and deepen the ones that matter? This course is for anyone who needs to build long-term, productive relationships with key stakeholders to solve problems, partner on big ideas, and make a meaningful impact for those you serve.


Upskill your ability to build influence with those around you to:

How It Works

Meet your coach

Stuart has logged hundreds of hours of LIVE improv mastery, scriptwriting for an Emmy award-winning producer and over twenty years of professional speaking in person, on air and on screen. 

Today, Stuart brings his talent as a professional communicator to life sciences and biotechnology companies to help problem-solvers and next-generation leaders get important things done. Stuart has worked with global leaders and accelerators including Microsoft, Harvard, MIT and more.

Stuart Paap
Founder + CEO, InfluenceDNA