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Building an Influential Mindset

Welcome to Stand Up to Stand Out, a podcast to help you communicate with confidence and build influence. Let’s do more, move faster and make a bigger impact. 

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The Influence Lab

You’re moving fast, working hard and facing trade-offs with your time and energy.

How can you be the most effective leader?

How can you share your message with purpose and power?

What can you do to boost your influence at work? 

In each episode we sit down with experts to talk about leadership, teamwork, communication, and ultimately how to deeply affect the behaviors and beliefs of those around you. 

Stand Up to Stand Out.

Latest Episodes

Hosted by Stuart Paap

Stuart is laser focused on helping more people unlock brilliant and bold ideas. He works with pioneering biotechs and healthcare companies, and regularly presents at universities and tech incubators like the Harvard Innovation Lab. He’s also a former stand-up comedian and is a yellow belt in Judo, which strikes fear into no one.

Stuart Paap hosting Stand Up to Stand Out Podcast while on video screen

Talk of the Town

"I loved my conversation with Stuart. He had phenomenal questions and it’s clear he really does his homework. It’s obvious Stuart is deeply committed to helping more bright minds learn how to relate, influence and lead. Whether you’re a listener or his next guest, I highly recommend Stuart’s podcast."
Harry Kraemer speaks on leadership
Harry Kraemer
Professor, Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management

Inside the Influence Lab

Young smiling business woman giving presentation to coworkers

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