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About InfluenceDNA

We unlock the brilliant and bold ideas of biotech professionals.​

About Us

We Help Biotech Professionals Build Their Influence to Breakdown Barriers

We are obsessed with finding the fastest and most effective way to help each person we coach to achieve their individual goals, in a group setting.

Our approach is supported by research in social psychology, behavioural economics, ancient philosophy and modern neuroscience. Our strategies are battle-tested and proven to get results.

We’ve coached thousands of biotech professionals across the world, which has shown us there is no “one-size fits all” approach to professional development.

Our Vision

To help unlock thousands of brilliant and bold ideas, leaving the world a little bit brighter.

Our Mission

To give problem solvers and innovators the tools they need, so that we can move towards a shared purpose.

Our Approach

We don’t give you fixed answers. We give you tools to solve challenges and build connections through mentorship, accountability, metrics and peer support.

Our Team

The Brains Behind the Brawn

Stuart Paap

Founder + CEO

Our Values

Company Values We Live By

Think Deep

Creativity, resilience and changing habits of the mind can only happen during states of deep reflection. We are passionate about taking the time to step outside of your daily rhythm to think deeply.

Move Fast

In today’s climate, sometimes the first mover is the one who takes the cake. We think there is no better time than today to stand up, hit send on that email, and try something new.

Make an Impact

We believe in making the world a better place, and that isn’t just lip service. We only take on projects and people who are working towards helping others and improving the health of shared spaces: social, political and environmental.

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