Storybank Workshop

Catalog your valuable “Story IP”. Stories are as valuable as any business asset in your portfolio

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Who This Is For

World-class businesses are not only known for their products and services – what people remember are the stories. Companies with great morale, inspiring team culture, and brand fans all have a bank of stories that are told and retold: their origin story, their mission story, their growth story, their culture story, and their impact story. But, these aren’t just good stories; they’re told in an expert way that connects their audience to a deeper meaning.


Bank your stories and know-how and when to use them:

How It Works

Meet your coach

Stuart has logged hundreds of hours of LIVE improv mastery, scriptwriting for an Emmy award-winning producer and over twenty years of professional speaking in person, on air and on screen. 

Today, Stuart brings his talent as a professional communicator to life sciences and biotechnology companies to help problem-solvers and next-generation leaders get important things done. Stuart has worked with global leaders and accelerators including Microsoft, Harvard, MIT and more.

Stuart Paap
Founder + CEO, InfluenceDNA