Presentation Excellence

Inspire your audience to engage and act.

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Who This Is For

Today it’s harder than ever to get your audience’s attention. With multiple devices, meetings filled with smartphones, and remote work, making a connection is a challenge. Whether you’re online or in-person – if you’re sharing ideas, making recommendations, or leading a project – this course is for you.


Understand where to focus your energy to:

How It Works

Meet your coach

Stuart has logged hundreds of hours of LIVE improv mastery, scriptwriting for an Emmy award-winning producer and over twenty years of professional speaking in person, on air and on screen. 

Today, Stuart brings his talent as a professional communicator to life sciences and biotechnology companies to help problem-solvers and next-generation leaders get important things done. Stuart has worked with global leaders and accelerators including Microsoft, Harvard, MIT and more.

Stuart Paap
Founder + CEO, InfluenceDNA