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Not your average training.

We know you’re focused on delivering for your team and making a massive impact. Influence DNA is here to give you the tools and guidance to get more important things done. Through making an authentic connection with yourself and others, trust, influence, and engagement will follow.

We don’t prescribe solutions, we let our participants find the right tools to unlock their own unique potential.

Not Your Ordinary Business Coach

Looking for unique expertise and proven results?

Stuart has logged hundreds of hours of LIVE improv mastery, scriptwriting for an Emmy award-winning producer and over twenty years of professional speaking in person, on air and on screen. 

Today, Stuart brings his talent as a professional communicator to life sciences and biotechnology companies to help problem-solvers and next-generation leaders get important things done. Stuart has worked with global leaders and accelerators including Microsoft, Harvard, MIT and more.

Stuart Paap
Founder + CEO, InfluenceDNA

Stuart Paap
Founder + CEO, InfluenceDNA

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Accelerators Building Influence
Stuart helps speakers to prioritize the most important improvement areas and to make actionable progress against those and he does that with an infectious enthusiasm and positive attitude.
Liz Bride
COO, Guidepost Growth Equity
Stuart has an incredible skill of taking complex ideas and helping you distill them into stories that are accessible, visceral, and encourage action. Helpful for anyone looking to deliver a message and mission.
Dan Esposito
CoFounder of Guardion
Stuart’s mastery is witnessed by his ability to teach anybody how to tell their story. If you’re a student, professor, entrepreneur, researcher, business professional—it doesn’t matter.
Jennifer Boyle-Lynch
Northeastern University
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